Team 2012

Congratulations to Entrepreneurship Development Cell of PCCOE, KANISHK on their formation of its current team structure which will be responsible for achieving cell’s goals for this semester. The structure of the cell is a three-fold structure.

1) Seniors and founders of the cell will be the BODs.

2) Core committee members are the leaders in operation.

3) And some interested candidates, which will be chosen by the above layers as budding leaders who will be the successors of the cell.

  • Board of Directors

1)    Anikait Chavan  – B.E. Computer Engineering [A], Overall Coordinator, Online Media Head

2)    Ansh Bahri–B.E. Computer Engineering [A], Chief Documentation Officer

3)    Amit Artwani  – B.E. Computer Engineering [A], Online Communication Head

4)    Suraj Bhalsing – B.E. Mechanical Engineering [A], Finance Head & Treasurer

5)    Swapnil Gujar – B.E. Computer Engineering [A], Deputy Finance Head

6)    Gopal Budhia – B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication [A], Head of Innovation and Event Design

7)    Soumya Kappagantu  – B.E. Mechanical Engineering [A], Ground Publicity Head

  • Core Committee

1)    Aishwarya Chandrasekaran  – T.E. Computer Engineering [A], Seminar Execution Head

2)    Dipin Nair  –T.E. Mechanical Engineering [B], Ground Publicity In charge

3)    Meera Nair  – B.E. Computer Engineering [B], Documents Manager

4)    Sneha Nakil – T.E. Computer Engineering [B], Planning Head

5)    Pushkal Sinha – T.E. Electronics and Telecommunication [B], Public Relations Officer

6)    Shreyta Kulkarni – T.E. Computer Engineering [A], Ground Communication In Charge

7)    Roopakiran Yeluri –B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication [B], Media Column Editor

8)    Dhanesh Jamgaonkar – S.E. Computer Engineering [A], Photography Head

Apart from this team of 14 leaders, there are some more members who are part of the team responsible for carrying out important executions and activities for the cell. Names and posts to be uploaded soon. All the above mentioned leaders are equally important part of KANISHK, with varying amount of experience and interests. We all give our best wishes to the team and believe that they are surely making a change for the institution as well as to themselves in the form of development and benefits.


About Anikait Chavan

Internet Marketing Consultant from Pune IN. Social Media Addict, Loves helping startups and small businesses to kickstart their online presence.

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