….says founder of Net2Net Knowledge Solutions, one of the leading coaching classes for Computer and IT students.

Founder of Net2Net

Mr. Manish Chugh

“Just a day before exam all my friends used to gather in the verandah…and I was the one who cleared all their doubts.”-Mr. Manish Chugh.

In an interview with Kanishk -Entrepreneurship Development Cell PCCOE’s Media Head Aishwarya Chandrasekaran, Entrepreneur Mr. Manish Chugh-the founder and CEO of the leading and most popular chain of classes in the field of Computers – “Net2Net”, talks of learning, imparting knowledge and believing in oneself.

We know you as the Proprietor of net2net but we would also know want to know about you as a person.

I was born and brought up in Pune. I did my schooling from St. Ursula High School, Nigdi and later on my higher secondary from Loyola College. I then pursued Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Dr. D.Y.Patil Akurdi, Pune and was placed in Advani Oerlikon in 1995 through campus interview. I worked there for a year and also simultaneously completed my Post Graduate Diploma in International Business from Symbiosis. While working with Advanis, my favourite and most fascinating part of the job was the-training.  And then working for a year, I realized that employment was not my final destination and that is how net2net came into existence.

So how did you decide to take up Entrepreneurship as your profession rather than continuing with the job?

Basically, I am a person who loved teaching and training since college years. I still remember days before exam when my friends used to gather in the veranda and I was the one who always cleared their doubts. Somehow  my mind has always been education-oriented. So when i decided to quit my job and start up with training students, I just had 2 or 3 of my colleagues beside me and on the other hand there were no. of challenges we had to face.

First was in terms of money. In order to keep up with my initiative, I started selling computers to those who attended the training. It started with 3 students and then gradually it increased to 70. My biggest support was my friend Prof. Ajit More, who has  always been there to keep up my morale. Then we started with three centers of net2net, one in Pimpri, one in JM Road and one in Akurdi.

It really seems to have been a great achievement by you Sir, to have come so far and taking such crucial decisions at the most important phases of your life. So starting with the name of the institute, why did you think of naming it as net2net?

Actually, we wanted to do something online as in web teachings. But as internet connections weren’t available then very widely, we took up teaching students in the institute. Initially people thought it was an internet cafe but now everyone knows it is an institute for learning. Mainly net2net means connecting people and imparting knowledge and that is the way it really is going.

So what all languages did you start teaching initially?

As I am from a Mechanical background, my friend Mr. Ajit More was the sole guide in programming. But in spite of being from a non-IT field, my one year of experience in job gave me the interest to work in and IT domain. So, we started with languages like FOXPRO, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C, VB6 and SQL programming.

In this world of gripping technology, so many companies product-based as well as service-based, what made you choose a student-oriented profession?

Education has always been my passion. Even now, I am the one who makes the notes for the books published in our institute. I frame the content and also the flow of language. It is entirely a focussed activity. I don’t have any regret about not owning a company or having my own marketing strategies and a brand. What gives me satisfaction is when net2net becomes the sole reason for framing a student’s career. And as I told you Aishwarya, training was something i loved since a very long time, so one always looks forward to do something he loves rather than comparing it with other available options.

So what advantages or difference do you see being a part of the world of education?

See, when you students are given a project to be submitted, I bet you none of you all would do it seriously. You all just do it for the sake of submission and I also don’t blame you all for that attitude because the time span you all get for preparation is very less. But here in net2net, we also have tie-ups with companies where the company people themselves come and guide our students with their projects. That is where they understand the real application of knowledge in a project.  And the faculties of net2net are my real strength. Marketing will only push up the fees but if I don’t get a good faculty my course won’t work.

How has entrepreneurship changed your life?

My life has changed 360 degree. My father has always been my biggest motivation and as he says, “Just work for education, don’t expect any credits.”
All my faculties in net2net have minimum 10 years of experience and Prof. Ajit More has almost 17 years of experience. And when it is this whole team which works for one goal, I don’t think anyone can stop us from achieving it. I feel that we all belong to one family where the bonding and trust among us is much greater than the business relations we share.  And this trust won’t just emerge in one day. It comes over a time span and remains forever. And this is what I love about my decision of taking Entrepreneurship, because this would have been simply impossible if i were an employee.

So what message do you have for our budding entrepreneurs and engineers in PCCOE?

I just have one thing to say to all of you, hard work is the key to everything in life. You may not be intelligent, you may not have sufficient capital to start up with something but if you have that determination in your mind you can surely achieve it. You just need to believe in yourself, keep up the spirit and remember one thing, which I inherit from my father myself- “Business is like a field and Principles are like boundaries.”

Thanks a lot

All the best students for all your future endeavors!!

Thank you Sir for  giving us your precious time and enlightening us with so many inspiring words and thought-provoking instances. We look forward for more guidance from you in our immediate proceedings. It was a wonderful talk with you Sir.

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Media Head


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