[ INFOGRAPHICS ] – Generation X vs Generation Y and Generation Z

Let me start with introducing you to the Generations of today’s world. The kids who are born between 1980’s to late 1990’s are often called as Generation Y or Millennials. And the ones before them are Generation X born between 1960’s to early 1980’s. But the major deal of the generation gap comes into picture when we talk about the Generation Z  i.e. Kids born after 2000.

internet generation-kids-vs-kids-of-the-past

These kids are said to be the most advanced versions in terms of technologies as the technology was pretty much evolved by the time they were born. They are restless, they are impatient, they are adamant, they are rebellious. They live in the world of social media and prefer talking through tweets and statuses than face to face. Now let us have a look at the infographic shown below to get a detailed insight on why are Millennials different than the old generation.

Old Generation vs Internet Generation

[Sources are mentioned in the footer of the infographics]

You can also find related content and a better explanation at: EliteDaily.com



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