Structure of Indian Government and Elections 2014 Update

2014 Elections are going on! And almost 27% adult population of the nation is still not aware of the basic structure of their government which is really alarming. It is sad that the subject of CIVIC SCIENCE been taught in 10th grade never comes up individual’s mind

What do you mean by Democracy?

India is known as the world’s largest democracy. Well I’m no Civic’s professor or do not intent to bore you, but let me just define Democracy for those who still don’t know. Democracy is a form of government, where the people choose their representatives who will govern their state (Nation). The key behind success of a democratic republic is the distribution of power. Power is given to every individual to choose a representative among them. This power is really big in true sense. Then why this democracy is failing since decades after the independence?

Expectations from the Leaders

Blaming the system, blaming the politicians, blaming everything else other than yourself is what we Indians are good at. When asked about the system or an individual’s role, they don’t even know the number of states India has!

So basically, we are the people who expect the leaders to run this nation of handicap/lazy/retarded/hypocrite population who just know how to multiply!

Seriously, the rate at which Indians are multiplying themselves, no politician or government can cope up the same with development. Moral of the story, Stop Blaming the leaders!!

Election 2014 and #SelfieWithFinger Trend

old lady showing voting finger
Social Media was flooded with selfies of voters of 2014 Elections. Just because you did it this time and felt proud just like you do feel on 15th August (Independence Day of India) or 26th January (Republic Day of India) doesn’t mean you favored the country. You have a right to vote and it is your duty to do so in order to help the Democracy work well. So for those people, who don’t know how their vote counts in the formation of Indian Government, given below is a infographic made contributed by Alia Chughtai and team of Al Jazeera which is simple enough for all of your to understand.

Formation of Indian GovernmentClick here to Download Full size image

The “None of the Above” option

For the first time in the history of Elections in India, the electoral body has introduced a “None of the Above (NOTA)” for those who do not want to vote for any candidate. This will ensure that at least your vote doesn’t help someone who don’t like to see as your leader. As shown above, voting in India will take place in 9 phases this year. And the dates for voting in particular regions as shown above are:

  • 7 April 2014
  • 9 April 2014
  • 10 April 2014
  • 12 April 2014
  • 17 April 2014
  • 24 April 2014
  • 30 April 2014
  • 7 May 2014
  • 12 May 2014

Help me sharing this valuable information among the rest of my Indian brothers and sisters who are still unaware!!

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