12 College Experiences Every Grad Must Add to their Resume


With stats like that, you need to be prepared for a rough job market. The activities done in college can build a powerful resume and help you stand out after graduation. The resume is your first impression when you are a fresher. You gotta make it hell impressive for the recruiters to find it hard to resist giving a thought of taking you in. Whether you are a freshman, senior or somewhere in between, here are:

 12 Ways to Build your Resume while still in School or College


Join a Group/Club/Cell/Association in the First Year itself!

Get involved with a student association or study club or activity groups early in your college career. Not only you will meet new and innovative people, but your resume will also reflect your dedication to a group and willingness to work in teams. Bonus! if the group belongs to your field of study or interest.


Take on a Leadership Role

The longer you stay with a club/group/cell the better chance you’ll have at taking on a leadership role. Organize events, handle finances of the club, or manage the group’s Facebook page and online presence. Believe me! Hiring managers dig for these skills nowadays.


Bring in the Group Speakers

Put yourself in a position within the group on campus to bring in career-relevant speakers. Organize networking nights or panel discussions to learn from speakers and get your name out there. These people are the answers to numerous questions that you would face while making a career choice or while facing any other problems in your life. So ask as many questions as you can and be prepared to answer them when you would be asked for the same.


Look out for Campus Ambassador Programs

Most of the companies like Google, Microsft, IBM, Oracle, etc. hire college brand representatives in order to expand their presence at campuses. The problem is, many students don’t know about this as they don’t scout for opportunities available in their city unless the faculty or institute does not inform them about it. But don’t worry! Kanishk is not bound to these limitations. You can explore Google Ambassador Program and Microsoft Student Partner Program here. Do check for the deadlines. It takes place every year.


Become an Internship Expert among others

Don’t wait until your last year of college to dive into internships. Start early and explore roles with companies in your field. Look for internships in small and large companies to get a well-rounded idea of what you enjoy. And if you tell me finding time for this is a problem, let me remind you of the time wastage done while just hanging around with friends with no fruitful outcomes.


Pick up a Different Language

In today’s global economy, having diverse language skills will propel you to success. Learn a second or third language by taking classes at your school or studying online. To show you the importance of learning different languages here are some points, that would definitely help you stand out to be different from others in this competitive world.

  • Improved and higher test scores.
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Enhances Cognitive skill
  • Richer Vocabulary


Even if you don’t like it, Know atleast the Basics!

Understanding the basics behind the web is useful for almost every industry, even if you’re not a computer programmer! Sign up for a class at your university or check out some free online classes to bump up your coding knowledge. I personally don’t like to code. But if I would not know the basics, this blog wouldn’t exist! Here are some of the points where many of the students go wrong and then go crazy.

  • Confused while choosing technology
  • Spending most of the learning big chunks of data
  • Rushing yourself to learn many things in shorter time frame
  • Unable in managing data

Overcome these issues you will definitely enjoy in learning codes. Just learn what is beneficial for you.


You Will Be Searched Online First, Ensure you are there too!

Showcase all the hard work you put into your classes and internships with an online portfolio! Many sites have free options creates portfolios that are simple to use. You can purchase your own domain for your portfolios that are simple to use. You can purchase your own domain for your portfolio on sites like about.me or Dreamhost . Add a link to your portfolio on your resume to wow hiring manager.


Possibilities have no Limits, if you wish!

Just like learning a new language, studying abroad makes you a worldlier candidate for any job. Put your language skills on test when you study abroad or choose a program that lets you intern in a new country. You’ll have many more professional skills to show off whatever you choose!


Create an Online Presence on all the Channels

Enhance your presence on Twitter and Linkedin to present a professional image to the working world. Your profiles should not only reflect your professional interests, but some personally too! Further build your digital footprint by starting your own blog about your industry. Blogging is a fantastic way to show your knowledge of the field and keep up to date on industry news. You can promote your blog posts on your social channels.


Freelance what you’re Good at until you find a real Job

Small businesses and start-ups are always looking for a little extra help to get their brands up and running. See if you can pick up part time contracting gigs to contribute some code or blog post in your free time. Not only will you likely make a little extra cash, but you’ll help a small business grow.


Volunteering in your community and Social Responsibilities

Volunteering in your community shows that you can think on your feet, manage others, and be a leader. Tie your volunteering to a professional passion, or try something completely new to break up your routine. Who wouldn’t like to see such a Superman employee working for their company? In other words,

“Your chances of getting rejected as a Fresher,  will dramatically drop to zero if you add few of these experiences on your resume”



About Anikait Chavan

Internet Marketing Consultant from Pune IN. Social Media Addict, Loves helping startups and small businesses to kickstart their online presence.

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  1. True. The resume must not consist of just academic achievements but also with extra curricular activities and roles partaken in organizations within and outside the campus.

  2. Paula Parker

    Learn to code and volunteer are my favorite on this list. Good list!!!

  3. franckxethee

    This really helps especially if you are fresh out of college as those little experiences in clubs can really help you adopt to work faster.

  4. This is a very useful post, thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  5. I wish I would have taken advantage of some of those services when I was in college.

  6. Those are great tips. I did some of those in college and it def helped.

  7. Joyful Gifts by Julie

    My son has 2 more years of high school. This is great info for him. I will let him know about your post. Thanks!

  8. I will have to bookmark this site and show this to my son. This post really gives me something to think about. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. OMG! This post really fits me! Since I’m a 2nd year student this coming school year. I badly want to be active in school as much as possible.

  10. This is great information for highschool students..

  11. Where have been this post before ? This is in fact the most helpful tips for a college student. Now how can I apply all the said tips above if I am already a college graduate.

    • Dear Kenneth,
      When I was in college, I was busy doing all those things and now that they have proved to be useful me, I thought of writing a post for others.

      You can still help others from going through the same by sharing this. 😀

  12. great advise especially this day in age it’s hard to find a job – great tips!

  13. ladymarielle

    Those are some really great tips! Sort of wish I had stuck to it and finish college!

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