About Us

Kanishk as its name says, represents Power, courage and determination of King Kanishka, who was an emperor of the Kushan Empire, ruling an empire extending from Bactria to large parts of northern India in the 2nd century.

Similarly, we the team of KANISHK have the determination and dedication towards our E-cell which was founded in 2010. Since then, we have crossed several milestones and still counting.

The rate by which cell is developing is commendable. For a newly formed technical institute like Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, located in a newly developed area Nigdi Pradhikaran in Pune IN; it is really hard to make a mark for such non technical activities as the college’s concern is all about achieving ratings and position among others. But the leaders of the cell are putting all their hard efforts to change the scenario.

Today, the buzz on the campus for Entrepreneurship related activities is even more and students come forward on their own for participation and organizing stuff. Specially the work and efforts from the new students those are added to the team every year, is significant. Online media has helped a lot in making the cell famous among others.  It all started with the publicity of Facebook Page which helps all our fans to stay updated about the latest happenings. Then we have our own blog now at wordpress. Online media department of the cell is also working hard on the website design.

Looking at the current state and the rate of development of the Cell, it would be appropriate to say that cell is soon going to reach the top most position. I wish all my team mates all the very best for their duration in the institute and am assured of the fact that we are surely going to make a change that will last long !!!
Cheers !!!

Overall Coordinator & Co-founder


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