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Media Coverage by SAKAL !!


Kanishk’s Plastic Collection Drive was covered by Sakal, Leading Marathi Local newspaper. Appreciating the efforts of E-leaders of PCCOE, they also publicized the activities under KANISHK during E-WEEK 2012. The story of KANISHK’s start includes starting up as beginners and amateurs, but now they have started creating a mark for themselves. As a part of E-Week 2012, the leaders of Kanishk collected waste plastic from nearly 100 homes in Nigdi Pradhikaran by going door to door. While the other half of the team was busy monitoring traffic at the Bhel Chowk and Akurdi Chowk in the same vicinity. Later that evening, all the students also received an appreciation from the Pune Traffic Police.

The overall event was a success as it was for a noble cause of public awareness. The team of 2012 including students of 2013 and 2014 batch from Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering surely set up an example before Youth, that the generation has still not forgotten their social responsibilities. Anikait Chavan – one of the leaders at Kanishk said that, even if everyone does their own part in following traffic rules or disposing garbage properly, taking care of the government properties as their own, there won’t be any need for any kind of awareness, campaigns or even rules and monitoring. He believes that the youth has the greatest power; Power to change thoughts, power to create a difference, power to at least stand for something good. It just depends on how soon one realizes and implements it in his / her own life.

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13th FEB, Day full of Buzz around PCCOE…..

E-week was celebrated with loads of fun, work and an entire journey of learning and working with a team of hard-working and fun-loving buddies.

As a part of E-week, we conducted BUSINESS BAAZIGAR 3.0 on 13th February 2012 in college campus. Students were given a chance to test their entrepreneurial skills, convincing capabilities and the most important-an experience like never before!!! 🙂

There were teams with unique and extremely exquisite ideas.

Some of them were-the winning team who sold handmade greeting cards.

Where one team made nail art, tattoos and much more exciting stuff, another team had its name as “Valentine Zone” where they had a member singing songs and dedicating it to different people. Truly, it was one of the best attractions in the Valentine’s Week. There was also a team which sold balloons with messages to friends.

This is just a small glimpse of the event that i have put forth before you all. The scene in the college that day was indeed spectacular and created an aura of fun and love thus, keeping up the theme.

On 14th February 2012, we had “MOVIE-MAKING COMPETITION”. Students were given two topics-

1) Modern Relationships

2) Education System in India

And they also had the freedom to choose any topic of their choice.

Students came up with great ideas showing their skills in shooting videos and making a movie out of it, with a message and theme.

One of the movies about which I would like to mention was the one created by the Second year Computer Engineering students. They put up a theme that in spite of the burden of academics, the tension and all the other worries, the time spent with friends makes life worth-living. Truly, were an excellent theme and a video which relates to each one of us.

These events made the E-week a rocking one!! 🙂

Special thanks to Faculty Co-ordinator, Prof. Jaya Dewan

Jaya Madam has always been the pillar behind KANISHK and all its activities. Right from the planning to the execution she has been there with the team day and night.

All throughout the E-week, in spite of her tight schedule and responsibilities, she has been an excellent mentor for each one of us. And I can never forget to mention her polite and friendly nature which made we students work with great pleasure and complete dedication.

I would just like to thank you Madam for being a great source of inspiration always.

Kanishk and this E-week 2012 wouldn’t have been this great without your guidance.

Aishwarya Chandrasekaran (SE COMP)

Traffic SaFety AwaReness-Rally

KANISHK celebrates E-week @ school in Nigdi, Pune

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This event was conducted under the E-Week @ School program by National Entrepreneurship Network, India. E-Week is Asia’s largest campaign for entrepreneurship celebrated throughout India in 30 cities with more than 6,000,000 participants. Our tagline- “We Nurture for a Better Future!!” rightly speaks about the motive of the students of PCCOE. We believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of the young students. Thus, the enthusiastic students of PCCOE started the E-week of 2012 with a visit to Dnyana Prabodhini School, Pradhikaran.

We conducted on-the-spot Poster competition for the students of 8th standard, who were given the topics of Child Labour, Plastic Collection and Traffic Rules.

The topics were chosen, keeping in mind, the current issues which are to be brought into limelight in today’s world. Social Entrepreneurship is needed to be grown among young minds. Indeed the posters brought out the best of the students and the judges were in awe. The students were given a time slot of 1 hour.  In this one hour, the students had to put on their “Creative caps” and portray their painting skills in the poster. We could see that the little kids weren’t anymore to be referred as kids, because their posters spoke everything about their mindset and the way they dream to change this world. Their ideas and unique approach towards current issues of society left us stunned.

We also conducted Poster Competition for the students of 9th standard, who had the theme –“Entrepreneurs who changed the outlook of the World!!” and were supposed to prepare the posters at home and present it the next day.  The little kids indeed left us speechless with their presentation skills and the creativity in their posters. The topics they chose were on Mr. Narayan Murthy, Mr. Jamshetji Tata, and Mr. Steve Jobs. They had a deep knowledge on the subject and displayed their talents in a very confident manner. The students themselves expressed that they would want to be entrepreneurs in future and would take inspiration from such great people.

Lastly, we conducted a Debate Competition for the students of 8th standard on the topics-

1) Plastic- uses and misuses

2) Child Labour- Pros and cons.

The students spoke very confidently and indeed kept up the healthy competition. The points they put forth during the debate impressed the judges and brought out their speaking skills. Truly, an opportunity for each one of us to learn from those little ones.

The event in Jnana Prabodhini School ended with felicitation of the winners and inviting them to our college for the valedictory function on 18th February for certification.

written by….

– Aishwarya Chandrasekran (SE COMP)

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PCCOE’s Main Attractions in E-week 2012

10th Feb – Traffic Awareness Rally @ 4.45. Starting from the gates of PCCOE to Sambhaji Chowk, We expect maximum participation from   all the PCCOEians.

11th Feb – “Traffic Regulation Day” Leaders will regulate the traffic ethics in Akurdi Chowk signal and Nigdi bridge signal since morning. Wear Helmets, turn off engines on stop signal, proper use of Zebra Crossing and many other ethics will be maintained.

13th Feb – Inauguration of E-week at PCCOE along with Website launch. Business Bazigar 3.0 from 11am to 4pm.

14th Feb – Make my movie 2.0 screening in front of judges.

17th Feb – B-planning, Mad-ads, Puzzle-mania, Stock Bazaar under Techlligent 2012