[ INFOGRAPHICS ] – Generation X vs Generation Y and Generation Z

Let me start with introducing you to the Generations of today’s world. The kids who are born between 1980’s to late 1990’s are often called as Generation Y or Millennials. And the ones before them are Generation X born between 1960’s to early 1980’s. But the major deal of the generation gap comes into picture when we talk about the Generation Z  i.e. Kids born after 2000.

internet generation-kids-vs-kids-of-the-past

These kids are said to be the most advanced versions in terms of technologies as the technology was pretty much evolved by the time they were born. They are restless, they are impatient, they are adamant, they are rebellious. They live in the world of social media and prefer talking through tweets and statuses than face to face. Now let us have a look at the infographic shown below to get a detailed insight on why are Millennials different than the old generation.

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[Video] – Rahul Gandhi’s First Interview by Arnab Goswami | Pappu Fails

rahul-gandhi-interview-arnab-goswami-times-now-frankly-speakingSo, now the Pappu (Rahul Gandhi), vice president of Indian National Congress Party and (so-called) promising Prime Minister candidate has been a trending topic, beating #Batista and Royal Rumble, #GrammyAwards2014, Sallu bhai’s #JaiHo and almost half of the population of India tweeting and posting about #RepublicDay on all the social media platforms, after being interviewed by Arnab Goswami – Indian Journalist and Editor-in-Chief on his show named “Frankly Speaking” aired on Times Now. Read the rest of this entry

‘E’ for Employee -OR- ‘E’ for Entrepreneur

Looking for a traditional job? Or, struggling hard to find your lost identity at your workplace?

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Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) | Dipin Nair’s Perspective

TheWolfofWallStreetMovieReviewKanishkCast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Jean Dujardin, Cristin Milioti, Rob Reiner.

Release Date: 3rd January 2014 (India)

Director: Martin Scorsese

Ratings: 8.8 / 10 (iMDb)

“Was all this legal? Absolutely not!”
This Dialogue spoken by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character speaks volumes about the basic setting of this delirious film. Based on the book written by infamous stockbroker Jordan Belfort, ’The Wolf Of Wall Street’ is viciously funny and speaks about one of the most turbulent personalities involved in the Wall Street money laundering schemes in the 90’s. The movie is a cinematic glory with all its debauchery, full of life immoral characters with a visionary director at the helm of things! The movie doesn’t speak about the rise of an underdog in the stock market. Instead, it offers an insight into the rise and sudden fall of a drug fuelled, power addicted maniac who worships money and who doesn’t want to be sober even in the most crucial situations!! Read the rest of this entry

Year 2013 in review for KANISHK

2013 was the year where we bid a goodbye to the founders of KANISHK, Entrepreneurship Cell i.e. the 2013 batch of Engineering from Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering. Without them, the responsibility was given to the juniors to keep the spirit and enthusiasm going with same passion.

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Wake Up the Doer in You – #MotivationalMondays

Presenting a motivational presentation including some words by our role models. Though old but still can wake up the doer in you. Don’t sit back and Relax; get going the moment you feel it is the right time. Hit Subscribe for more of such amazing posts !!


Stunning Facts About Your Career Choice – Where Do You Stand ?

Well, this is the question which arises in the minds of every wannabe graduate when he / she is in their final days of attending college. This info graphic will tell you what career you should be looking in to crack this every growing competitive market and job pool.

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The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Presenting the second infographics for the month. How are smart people differentiated from other normal people. What are their habits –  The Good and the Bad ones. Did you know that great people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein were failures in their childhood? But, later the whole world witnessed their inventions and intelligence. There is no harm in following the footsteps of great personalities like those shown in the infographics below, just make sure you pick out the good ones only. Read the rest of this entry

Social Entrepreneurship – Lets Give it To the World

Social Entrepreneurship –  the new way of generating businesses for social causes. Social entrepreneurs adopt a cause or a mission for social welfare and strive to create a value with a blend of commercial as well as nonprofit mediums to support and raise. Read the rest of this entry

From Zero to Billionaire – If You Sweat Enough


This infographics will tell you how to go from poor to rich, from zero to billionaire from the examples of some great leaders and the richest people in today’s date. Read the rest of this entry