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6 Ways to Build the Right Startup Culture – Entrepreneurship


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12 College Experiences Every Grad Must Add to their Resume


With stats like that, you need to be prepared for a rough job market. The activities done in college can build a powerful resume and help you stand out after graduation. The resume is your first impression when you are a fresher. You gotta make it hell impressive for the recruiters to find it hard to resist giving a thought of taking you in. Whether you are a freshman, senior or somewhere in between, here are:

 12 Ways to Build your Resume while still in School or College

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How to Startup your Business when in College? | [Infographic]

What is a Startup?

According to Wikipedia, “A startup company or startup is a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”

Another definition by Co-CEO of Warby Parker says, “A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.”

For me, a Startup is a company, that is confused about:

  • What its product is.
  • Who its customers are.
  • How to make money.

As soon as it figures out all 3 things, it ceases being a startup and becomes a real business. Except most times, that doesn’t happen.

When does Human enterprise cease to exist as a startup?

The answer is – When one realizes that there is no substitute to Hard Work! (though you could ease it a little by doing Smart Work…) But achieving success is not as easy as it looks..

College life is the duration when you have ample time to make mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, but by making mistakes, I mean, learning from them. So, when you got enough time, you should invest it in experimenting different possibilities to start up your own business. Following infographic will give you an idea that will boost your confidence that you could too startup in your college days:

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‘E’ for Employee -OR- ‘E’ for Entrepreneur

Looking for a traditional job? Or, struggling hard to find your lost identity at your workplace?

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The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

Presenting the second infographics for the month. How are smart people differentiated from other normal people. What are their habits –  The Good and the Bad ones. Did you know that great people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein were failures in their childhood? But, later the whole world witnessed their inventions and intelligence. There is no harm in following the footsteps of great personalities like those shown in the infographics below, just make sure you pick out the good ones only. Read the rest of this entry