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Simple Tips to Create an Irresistible LinkedIn Profile – ( Infographic )

LinkedIn was launched on 5th May 2003. Since then, it successfully runs a professional network of 277 million users (Stats: Feb 2014) majorly consisting of recruiters and job seeking professionals. There are over 3 million business pages who represent different companies and organizations. After acquiring SlideShare for $119 million, LinkedIn has now become a well known platform for industry specific knowledge sharing as well as content marketing.

As the stats of 2013 spoke, around 76% of the recruiters referred the LinkedIn profile of a candidate to know more about their professional journey before hiring them. The predictions about 2014 are somewhat similar as LinkedIn is going to be the ultimate hub for professionals to discuss, hunt for a candidate or job that best fits into their criteria. There are some common mistakes that people make when filling their profile details which may hamper your chances. Have a look at these simple tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile which may grab attention of the right people and may land you up in the organization of your dreams.


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Top 12 IT Jobs for Engineers to Boost their Career

Searching for a new job can be frustrating and demoralizing many times. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many IT professionals. IT jobs are the leading edge of job growth, are estimated to grow much faster than their current rate in coming years. For those who are recent graduates or engineers, or those who are looking for an advancement in their career after years and years of service to the IT industry, or for those who are just looking forward to take a leap into this viscous circle, this infographics presented below is somewhat re-assuring.

Watch below for more information on the median salary details for all of the listed jobs below:

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