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PCCOE’s Main Attractions in E-week 2012

10th Feb РTraffic Awareness Rally @ 4.45. Starting from the gates of PCCOE to Sambhaji Chowk, We expect maximum participation from   all the PCCOEians.

11th Feb – “Traffic Regulation Day” Leaders will regulate the traffic ethics in Akurdi Chowk signal and Nigdi bridge signal since morning. Wear Helmets, turn off engines on stop signal, proper use of Zebra Crossing and many other ethics will be maintained.

13th Feb – Inauguration of E-week at PCCOE along with Website launch. Business Bazigar 3.0 from 11am to 4pm.

14th Feb – Make my movie 2.0 screening in front of judges.

17th Feb – B-planning, Mad-ads, Puzzle-mania, Stock Bazaar under Techlligent 2012